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Royalty Audit

Full Royalty Audit:
A full examination of record/publishing company source documents and system information.

Desktop Reviews:
Reviewing and checking of:

Arithmetical information
Song/record title inclusion/exclusion on royalty statements
Royalty rates
Comparison of contractual provisions to actual inclusion on royalty statements (where such information is detailed)
A desktop review in itself may answer your concerns and questions or can be used in preparation for a full-scale royalty audit.

Book Publishing Audits

Customised Royalty Administration and Support for Smaller Record Labels and Music Publishers

Supporting you

Customised Royalty Accounting Systems

Set up for you, easy to maintain, resulting in simplified accounting and comprehensible royalty statements.
As royalty consultants to you, we will deal with your artists/writers/producers regarding their royalty and related queries, in order that you can concentrate on the rest of your business.

Internal Royalty Review

Instructed by you, carried out by us, for the benefit of your artists/writers. We can check your song title registrations worldwide, analyse earnings and review the royalty statements you are issuing to your artists/writers.

We will compile detailed recommendations and include follow up. By retaining us to carry out this service on your behalf you are showing your artists/writers just how proactive you are.

Supporting you - Our services

Low-Cost Ongoing Monitoring of Royalty Income

  • Song title earnings analysis by type, i.e. sales, downloads, ringtones.
  • Review of song title earnings by date and territory.
  • Ensuring receipt of special/premium/synchronisation income.
  • Ensuring song title shares are correctly reported.
  • Confirming that contractual usage authorisations are in place.
  • Monitoring timely receipt of income/sales information.
  • Review of costs charged to your royalty account, obtaining relevant backup and ensuring compliance with contractual provisions.

Tour Accounting

  • Worldwide / or Europe-wide tax planning for tours.
  • Preparation of tour budgets.
  • UK reduced tax applications to the HMRC Foreign Entertainers Unit.
  • Cash-flow management and payment of tour suppliers.
  • Reviewing show settlements.
  • On-the-road tour accounting for larger tours.
  • Festival and one-off event accounting.
  • Foreign tax forms